I’ve worked with some of the worlds finest Directors and Photographers to create exciting and enduring works for the Australian and International markets and hope to continue my passion for the industry with my love of photography.

After a couple of decades as a Casting Director I also worked as a Film Production Manager and managed 100’s of TV commercials and photography jobs for local and international markets.

I decided to change direction and pursue a career as a Photographer. It’s a long story! From a technical aspect I had limited knowledge, so I enrolled at TAFE and after four years graduated 2013 with a Diploma In PhotoImaging from the Sydney Photography College TAFE, Ultimo. Challenging but doable!

Moving from there to Unit Stills for me is an obvious choice. It’s not to say I cannot do anything else I just love being onset. Having a new skill is really like starting again only this time you know your environment. Navigating your way around a film set is only one aspect, it’s also dealing with the actors and knowing when to step in and step away.

Location scouting I added to the set of skills when asked to find locations whilst casting a TVC. The Director loved it, I loved it, so I combined street casting and locations, it was hugely successful and lots of adventurous fun was had.

I have a growing passion for all areas of photography and use my various skills to capture scenes for commissioned work and also my various personal projects